Ketamine Infusion Pricing and Payment Options


Single package

The typical response occurs within 4-24 hours, with the maximum effect seen the third day after each infusion. However, some people do not feel an improvement until after their third infusion and this is not abnormal. We will reassess your mood continually over the course of treatment.



Patients typically feel a reduction in their pain symptoms after the third infusion. Results can vary depending on what we are treating with the ketamine infusions, but most patients report increased function, less fatigue feeling, and pain reduction.



Required to maximize the effect and postpone recurrence most effectively. The first 3 infusions will be one week apart. The fourth infusion is typically 4 weeks post the series of 3, and the fifth infusion would typically be 2-3 months after your fourth infusion. This package is ideal for pain reduction and pain maintenance.